Pro Sky Aviation Caloundra was originally established in 2013 after a restructure and name change of an existing school. Pro Sky Aviation commenced operation as and extension (FTSF) of Pro Sky Gympie. In 2014 Pro Sky Caloundra was then approved as a Flight Training Facility by Recreational Aviation Australia. Since this time Pro Sky Aviaiton Caloundra has grown significantly with the purchase of several commercial properties located at Caloundra Airport. We own and operate 2 aircraft being the Texan Top Class 550 and the Tecnam Golf P96. Both these aircraft are serviced and maintained by Pro Sky Aviation Gympie, Brett Soutter, who is highly regarded in the industry for his maintenance and flight instructional ability with over 18 years experience. Brett is also the founder of Pro Sky. 


Here at Pro Sky Caloundra we are a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment to conduct flight training. We believe in those old fashioned values that seem to be lost by many companies today. It doesn't matter if you are here to learn to fly or taking a hands on flight experience, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our delivery of product and training. Just take a look at some of our testimonials and see for yourself.


Our flight instructors have many years of experience and what sets us apart is that their experience is not measured in years flying airliners around or how many hours they have in command but actual instructional flight training hours. Instructional ability and delivery of our syllabus is paramount to the beginner pilot and their safety. As they say, you can be great at what you do but how you teach someone to do it is where true greatness is measured.

Pro Sky Aviation Caloundra is one of 5 schools in Australia including Maryborough, Gympie, Bundaberg and South Australia. Pro Sky was also established in Caboolture and has now since departed from the Pro Sky group and operates under another name. Our training syllabus is unique in it's structure and delivery. Flight training is a complex process requiring the ability to learn new concepts and apply them in practical application. We take that complexity, unravel it and present it to you in easy to understand terms. You will be surprised how easy it is.