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We operate at $289 per hour. The average cost would be $7800.00


Here's what you get: 

  • After you have completed your first 15 hours, your hourly rate reduces for the rest of the course

  • Free theory and text book

  • Unlimited classroom time (we don't charge extra for your ground schooling)

  • Free exams

  • Thorough use of PMI (principals and methods of instruction) In other words, we cater for your learning style in the presentation of our syllabus. This alone could save you hundreds in unnecessary dual training.   

  • Pay as you go on a training schedule that suits you. 

  • No hidden fees

  • Personal one on one training or attend our group training days. No extra charge either way you go. 


Just to make things a little more convenient, you can also take advantage of our finance options to see if a personal loan is right for you. It's free and there's absolutely no obligation to take out a loan.


Flight Training

The number one focus of the Pro-Sky Flight Training Group is to provide the highest level of instruction possible for the beginner pilot.  We understand that the basic skills taught in this phase of training are absolutely critical to the ongoing safety of the student once they become a certified pilot.  As with all training programs the first step is purely designed to allow the student to gain an appreciation of what’s required to get started.

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Getting Started

Learning to fly is not as difficult or a expensive as you may think. Most people start with a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF), promptly fall in love with the freedom of flying, and soon want to become an intrepid aviator.  We offer you the chance to do just that at Pro-Sky.  Our flight lessons are at least 20 minutes and you will be doing most of the flying during that time.  It’s easy, even the Wright brothers got the hang of it, and the cost is minimal.

 Getting Your Certificate

Once you’re hooked You will be required to become a member of Recreational Aviation Australia at which time you will be issued with a student pilot certificate. In the meantime, we will issue you a temporary membership so you can get started immediately. On your first day of flight training we will outline the course content for you and the steps required to reach Pilot.  You must conduct a minimum of 20 hours training under the syllabus guidelines. Of course, like any new skill, people learn and progress at different rates. On average we see students completing their training in about 25-27 hours on a part time schedule.  Finally you will need to pass a flight test with our Chief Flight Instructor and on successful completion of the course you’ll be issued with a Pilot’s Certificate. 

Pilot training

 Getting Around

Learn to fly and navigate

Now that you have your Pilot’s Certificate you’ll be able to journey 25 nautical miles away from your point of departure, but if you’d really like to get around, a Cross-country endorsement will be your next step.  That involves 5 navigational exercises totaling approximately 15 hours which when completed, will allow you to fly anywhere within Australia except controlled airspace.  Once finished, Pro-Sky offers a dedicated private hire and Cross-country aircraft for you to hire.

Getting More Experience

As your hours increase you may feel that it’s time for you to gain more experience across a wider range of skills.  One of the biggest advantages that the Pro-Sky Flight Training Group offers is a large selection of additional courses designed to increase your skill level and/or endorsements.



For more information, why not give us a call, drop in and say hi for an obligation free chat. While you are here we will show you around our large training facility and hangar where you can also have a closer look at our aircraft.