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Pro Sky Fleet 

At Pro Sky, we own and operate 2 aircraft. Both aircraft are widely used in the training industry due to their suitability in the training environment. Our aircraft are maintained and serviced by Pro Sky Gympie by a qualified engineer who has over 18 years in the industry on a wide range of aircraft. 

P96 Tecnam Golf 

The Tecnam is our primary training aircraft. Tecnam has been manufacturing aircraft since 1948 from light aircaft to general aviation transport aircraft. They are very strong in their construction and a widely used in the training industry. 

Dual Rates $289 per hour

Texan Top Class 550

The Texan is our dedicated private hire aircraft and also used for cross country endorsements. Texan are built by Fly Synthesis an Italian manufacturer. Texan aircraft are very stable to fly and have recently achieved two Guinness World Records for lowest  flying formation and also longest journey by light sport aircraft. 

Private Hire $160 per hour