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Welcome to ProSky Aviation Caloundra


Annual Inspections - General Maintenance & Repairs 

At ProSky we have you covered for all your annual servicing needs and general maintenance repairs. We are CASA approved for up to 5,600kg fixed wing piston aircraft. Phil has 40 years in the industry and there is not much he hasn't seen before. He is regarded as having a very high standard of workmanship backed up by his references from major organisations.  

We also maintain RAAus aircraft as well. Brett has over 20 years experience in the industry and specialises in RA aircraft. He is regarded in the industry as being very thorough in his approach with a very high standard of workmanship. Brett is able to handle complex jobs form GA to RA aircraft conversions to standard 100 hourly servicing. 


System of Maintenance Control

We utilise Aerotrack as our system of maintenance control from our tooling to every AD published for your aircraft. This means we won't miss a thing and everything is thoroughly documented, including your aircraft log book. The old fashioned way of hard copy recording has long gone in this industry. It is no longer an efficient way of accurately documenting accountablilty and could cost you thousands to have the job done again. We don't fear CASA inspections and audits at our workshop, we welcome them. 


Bill Control


Want control of your bill? What about competative pricing?

We thought so. At ProSky we will keep you informed of any additional work that needs to be done on your aircraft. If we find a problem, we don't just order something and park it outside, we will look a little deeper and consider repair or manufacture where possible, instead of thousands to replace. We don't just fit spare parts! 

We charge on the time taken to do the job. If the schedule says 10 hours and our engineers complete the job in 8, because of their extensive experience, that's what you get charged. 

Quality Control

Not only have we invested thousands into our system of maintenance control and only employ engineers with high personal standards, we value our reputation as a clean and tidy workplace. This extends to our workmanship right through to some of those old fashioned values. For example, you won't find our greasy fingerprints on your aircraft. In fact all of our customer's aircraft are washed and vacuumed before releasing it back to you. 


Turn Around Times


ProSky is also a flight training facility, we know the importance of getting your aircraft back in the air as quick as possible without compromise to safety. If you are a flight school or charter company, we offer priority servicing.


If you are a private owner, weekend flyer or flying for work, we will be honest with our turn around times. We appreciate you want your aircraft back in the air as soon as possible, but we won't make promises we can't keep. If we can't get to it for a couple of days then we will let you know instead of taking your business and making you wait for weeks on end for the return of your aircraft.